Man Law

The laws laid down by the Men of the Square Table are inviolable—but they’re nowhere near complete. That’s where you come in. In the commercials, the actors are assembled around a large square table, sitting before beer bottles and solemnly debating “Man Laws.” Online, men take the law into their own hands and the Man Law debate is beautifully fueled by wiki technology. With the launch of, those who fancy themselves men can join Burt Reynolds, Eddie Griffin and the rest of the Square Table’s manly occupants in shaping the conduct of men everywhere by posting their very own Man Laws on the web. The TV does a great job explaining and getting people excited about the Men of the Square Table and the Unwritten Laws of Men, but it’s on the site that visitors can participate in the campaign and evolve it. Anyone can post a Man Law and others are open to debate or clarify the law. People are invited to call out their friends and law down the law. Homemade youtube videos of buddies acting out their own debates soon flooded youtube.

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